Plitvice Lakes


The Plitvice Lakes are the oldest and largest Croatian national park founded in 1949. The park is located in the Croatian mountain region Lika about 2.5 to 3 hours drive north of Zadar or Sibenik.


The process by which the travertine barriers were created and the 16 lakes formed is a phenomenon that gave the Plitvice Lakes their international recognition and entry in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1979. Since 1977, the territory of the National Park covers an area of almost 300 km².


The system of lakes consists of 16 cascading lakes. Due to the geological subsoil, the lakes are divided into the Upper and Lower Lakes. Lake Prošćansko Jezero, Ciginovac, Okrugljak, Batinovac, Veliko Jezero, Malo Jezero, Vir, Galovac, Milino Jezero, Gradinsko Jezero, Burgeti and Kozjak are the twelve Upper Lakes that formed on impermeable dolomite. The Upper Lakes are sprawling, rugged and have gentler shores than the Lower Lakes. The lower lakes, the lakes Milanovac, Gavanovac, Kaluđerovac and Novakovića Brod, were created on permeable limestone soil and cut into the narrow ravine between the steep slopes. The lakes end in the imposing "Sastavci" waterfall, below which begins the riverbed of the Korana River.




The Plitvice Lakes are certainly the most famous filming location of the Winnetou film series. Here, of course, is the Silver Lake with the treasure cave from the movie "The Treasure in Silver Lake". We take the entrance 1, which is located at the bottom of the national park and we walk up the cascades, past the Kaludjerovac (Silver Lake), the large waterfall and cross the Kozjak lake by boat. We also see the locations of the Upper Lakes and then we take an electric train back to the entrance 1. Then we visit different locations that are not on the General Route. Some highlights that can not be found right away.








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